Make Your RDS Seamless: Removing RDWeb, RDP, and RemoteApp Prompts


  1. Use a trusted Cert for https on
  2. Use SSL URL for everything, not actual host name.

create .wcx file for user config on win7:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
      <workspace name="Remote Apps" xmlns="" xmlns:xs="">     
      <defaultFeed url="" />

Add to user Windows profile silently: rundll32.exe tsworkspace,WorkspaceSilentSetup \connection-file.wcx

RemoteApp SSO, reduce login prompts: use alternate full address for TLS RDP:
Set-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration –CollectionName QuickSessionCollection -CustomRdpProperty "use redirection server name:i:1 `n alternate full”

GPO: Computer > Admin Templates > System > Credentials Delegation > Allow delegating default credentials > TERMSRV/ and TERMSRV/csbs-rds1.csbs.local

SSO 2012

SSO 2008 R2