Share Your Paid Wifi with Friends

Virtual RouterEver been in a hotel, airport, coffee shop, or some place that you pay per computer to use their Wireless Internet?  Windows 7 has a new feature “Virtual Wifi” that lets you use your wireless as if it was multiple wireless NIC’s, but why do we care?  One way to use that virtual wifi feature is to use free software to allow connecting to wireless Internet while also turning your wireless into it’s own hotspot.  Great for the wife’s or coworkers laptops sitting next to you.  Pay once, surf many.

There’s been a similar feature since XP to share connections, but this required you to use two different NIC’s and only supported peer-to-peer network. This software fixes both issues.

Software: Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 7 - 2008 R2

Info: Share Wireless Internet Connection In Windows 7 Without Ad Hoc