TechEd 2008 ITPro: BOF911 The Physical Datacenter in a Virtual World

I'm hosting my 2nd year of a TechEd ITPro Birds-of-a-Feather session.  Didn't attend this BoF last year?  Read my post session summary.  It's on Wednesday, June 11th at 4:30pm to 5:45pm in S330 E (vCalendar Apt.)

The datacenter is rapidly changing as we shift to vitalizing many of our application and Web servers to virtual workloads. This is a forum to discuss physical design changes from the “one box, one OS” to various options like blade heads (build out), 16-way heads (build up), and SAN storage of disks. Topic starters like “NFS, LUN, or CIFS for virtual hard drive storage?", "Why NOT to use iSCSI?", "What do you require before considering the jump from VMWare to Microsoft for hosting or management", "Anyone using Citrix over the others?", “Anyone aggressive with SCVMM and/or Hyper-V yet?”. Hear big and small shops describe what works and what doesn't for them; how they address F.U.D., bottlenecks, disaster recovery, backups, and more. This discussion is product agnostic and focused around how we can do more OS's with less hardware. We had this BOF last year—come by to talk about how much has changed.