Holiday Wishlists

It's amazing how hard it is to find a simple yet digital way to share gift wish lists with family and friends in the 21st century.  I've had some form of a personal wish list publicly online since around 2002 I believe.  It's always been at this url which I've communicated so consistently throughout the years that people are getting the hint that they don't even need to ask... they just go, click, buy.

But the app behind that list has changed nearly every year because the web app either goes out of business or my sheer frustration with it's limits has me going somewhere else.  All this seems so simple to do, and you would think ad revenue (Ads by Google, duh) would generate at least some income for the hosting party... but I guess not.  My current one is hosted on, which is a nice web2.0 (AJAX, community features, tagging) made by a UK web app company called this side up.

Only a few features separate this site from the perfect wishlist site.  If someone made one from scratch this would be my required features list:

  1. Simple item entry of title, description, quantity, price, multiple URL's (for multiple stores), picture url, tagging, multiple lists, priv/pub lists.
  2. viewable from a WAP browser so you can quickly lookup what they want while you are out and about.
  3. Subscribe to other's wishlists and get a daily update of changes
  4. public view shows your guests which items are bought, and let them enter in a date in which the item will auto-fall off your list (the day after you receive the gift usually) so there is no post-holiday list cleanup.
  5. A JavaScript link to 'wish list this page' which will pull in the URL, page title, and a description (If the page is tagged correctly) for you, saving you some work.
  6. A setting on each item for 'need/want rating'
  7. Save one of your 'views' as the guest view, such as saving a view of "items from least $$ to most".
  8. A nice AJAX interface with multiple item editing.

So far is the best I've seen.